Origin and Functions

The Financial Management Academy (FIMA) evolved form of the Audit and Accounts Training Centre, established in 1962, to impart training to non-gazetted employees of the different audit offices stationed in Dhaka under the control of the Comptroller and Auditor General of the then Pakistan. After independence the Training Centre was upgraded in 1974 as the Audit and Accounts Training Academy (AATA) and was headed by a Director General under the direct Control of the Comptroller and Auditor General of Bangladesh. Later in 1997 the Audit and Accounts Training Academy (AATA) was developed as the FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT ACADEMY.


Financial Management Academy is the only training organization in the public sector which offers training on public financial management (PFM) and disciplines of accounting and auditing to Audit and Accounts Department at the entry level and while in service. This Academy also arranges different courses on PFM for the officers and staff members of various Ministries, Divisions, Departments of Bangladesh Government. In addition to this FIMA occasionally arranges audit and accounting courses for the trainees of foreign countries.

FIMA plays a significant role in establishing government financial discipline in the public sector and rendering training at national and international levels. FIMA plans, designs and delivers its training activities with the objective of becoming the 'centre of excellence' in respect of organizing training in the field of public financial management.