Training in Budgeting and Accounting System (TIBAS)  

Course contents:

  1. Preparing Budget Estimates including Revised Estimates, Budget Cycle, Budget Forecasting and Profiling.
  2. New concept in budgeting: Gender sensitive budget, Social safety net budgeting, District budgeting, Public Private Partnership(PPP).
  3. Budgetary reform process in Bangladesh – Definition and features of MTBF & MTMF, Budget call circular and Ministry budget framework.
  4. Mobilization of Resources for financing GoB Budget and Foreign Aid.
  5. Expenditure Monitoring and Budgetary Control Techniques and related Rules.
  6. Public Debt and Cash Management.
  7. Core Financial Rules and Regulations and Issues relating to timely settlement of claims.
  8. 13 digit Budget and Accounting Classification and its importance as a tool for economic analysis.
  9. Monetary Policy and the Role of Bangladesh Bank.
  10. Non-development and Development  Budget, Fund Release Procedures and Delegation of Financial Power
  11. Government Accounting System in Bangladesh: Accounting circles, Flow of accounts between CGA,CAOs, DCAs, DAOs, UAOs and MOF. iBAS, bank Windows.
  12. Project Planning and Approval Process; Implementation and Monitoring Procedure; Overall Project Management.
  13. Project Accounting and Reporting System in Bangladesh.
  14. Internal Control and Internal Audit.
  15. Reconciliation of Accounts between Executive departments and Accounting Offices.
  16. PPR 2008.
  17. SAI Bangladesh. Government Audit. Types of Audit. Stages of Audit execution. Role of PAC.
  18. Right Approach to Settlement of  Audit Observations.
  19. Corruption: concepts, causes and prevention.
  20. Dowry: A Social Curse.